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What airports do you service?

CSLAS provides transportation to/from San Jose del Cabo/Cabo San Lucas private and International airports, servicing all arriving and departing terminals.

Why is my pick up time so much earlier than my flight time?

Pick-ups are scheduled 3 hours prior to departure to ensure ample travel time. This guarantees everyone arrives at the airport comfortably before their flight.

When can I expect my driver to arrive on the day of scheduled service?

Our airport representatives will be easily identifiable, holding our partner company logo sign.

How long will the driver wait for me at my pick up location on departure?

Our private shuttles operate on a tight schedule, necessitating prompt departure. Please be prepared at the start of your 15-minute pick-up window.

Will the driver notify me when they arrive at my pick up location?

Due to our schedule, drivers can’t wait for delays. Ensure readiness within the 15-minute pick-up window.

Do you provide car seats?

CSLAS offers car seats, yet you’re welcome to bring your own for use in our vehicles.

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations must be canceled at least 48 hours before the scheduled pickup for a refund.

What is your policy for items lost in your vehicles?

While we can’t be held responsible for lost items, we diligently work to return any found belongings. Contact us immediately with detailed information, including date, time, location of service, vehicle number, and reservation details if available.